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Monsoon blinds and balcony blinds combine tough protection with complementary style for demanding exteriors. Strong and long-lasting , our Monsoon balcony blind provide complete protection against all kinds of weather. Matts Corner Monsoon blinds are made from special scratch-resistant PVC and acrylic fabrics. The former ensures a lasting ‘new-ness' of your exterior blinds and the latter allow light to pass freely making it a perfect shield.

The monsoon blinds and outdoor balcony blinds are not only safeguard against water but also heat and dust giving protection all-year around.

PVC Outdoor Blinds

The outdoor balcony blinds and shades are sealed panel-wise hence damage can be easily repaired by merely replacing a panel rather than replacing the whole blind.

Stainless steel guides and cables provide long lasting support and life to your balcony blinds. Perfectly suited as exterior shades / outdoor blinds for sea-facing resorts, open restaurants, food courts, roof-top cafeterias and gardens.

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Available in

  • Manual
  • Motorized
  • Curved
  • crank shaft


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