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Printed Roller fabric is available in Translucent, Semi opaque and Blackout Fabric.

We have a wide range of Printed Fabric Roller Window Blinds designs with equally wide range of colour combinations to choose from to suite your trends and decor. We have a range of designs and more than hundred combinations to make your selection. Our design team will also cater to custom design needs, be it logos, images, graphics, floral, abstract etc.

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  • Manual
  • Motorized

Blinds for Windows

Matts Corner Bangalore offers wide ranges of top quality window blinds in Translucent, Semi opaque and Blackout Fabric. We have simple, elegant, and classic manual and motor roller window blinds, vertical blinds, triple shade blinds, pvc exterior blinds, solar window shades, monsoon blinds and much more.

Matts Corner also offers custom printed blinds, patterned roller blinds, gallery blinds,

customized blinds with pictures on them, custom fabric blinds for bedrooms and windows,

fabric venetian blinds, custom photo blinds and much more.

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Printed Roller Blinds available in Manual and Motorized versions.